Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Magic Carpet Ride

Christmas time in Noel is amazingly beautiful. The town is peaceful and quiet.I had never seen Noel from a bird's-eye-view before. Then one night I got the chance! I found a magic carpet that could fly!
The first place I flew to was Elk River. It was covered by a thin layer of ice. The way the evening sunlight shimmered over the ice was so beautiful. There were ducks waddling and quacking all around. I could see the reflection of the bare trees in the ice. The river seemed so at peace; it was an amazing moment in time.
The second place I decided I needed to see was the bluffs. The trees were lightly covered with snow. There was no more vegetation clinging to the bluffs. I could still see the river. It was starting to get colder. There was an icicle hanging from the bluffs that reached to the ground. It was gleaming.
The third thing I wanted to see was the Christmas decorations. I flew all over Noel looking at the elaborate house decorations. As I was flying around in the dark, I remembered the star on the hill. I finally found the star after going in circles for what seemed like forever. The last Christmas decoration I wanted to see was the enormous Christmas tree that was located on the island in the river. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
I was just about to go home when I looked up and saw a bald eagle. I had always wanted to soar with bald eagles, not just gazing up at them. So I flew upwards to the height the eagle was at. To my surprise, the massive bird didn't flee, but it circled me and called out to me. I started to fly away and the eagle was right at my side! We flew side by side for hours.
As we were flying, I heard a beeping noise. I woke up to find that it was all just a dream. A wonderful dream. I sat up in bed and whispered to myself saying, "Noel is soooo beautiful around Christmas time." I sighed. Then I got up so I could get ready for school...