Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Magic Carpet Ride

Christmas time in Noel is amazingly beautiful. The town is peaceful and quiet.I had never seen Noel from a bird's-eye-view before. Then one night I got the chance! I found a magic carpet that could fly!
The first place I flew to was Elk River. It was covered by a thin layer of ice. The way the evening sunlight shimmered over the ice was so beautiful. There were ducks waddling and quacking all around. I could see the reflection of the bare trees in the ice. The river seemed so at peace; it was an amazing moment in time.
The second place I decided I needed to see was the bluffs. The trees were lightly covered with snow. There was no more vegetation clinging to the bluffs. I could still see the river. It was starting to get colder. There was an icicle hanging from the bluffs that reached to the ground. It was gleaming.
The third thing I wanted to see was the Christmas decorations. I flew all over Noel looking at the elaborate house decorations. As I was flying around in the dark, I remembered the star on the hill. I finally found the star after going in circles for what seemed like forever. The last Christmas decoration I wanted to see was the enormous Christmas tree that was located on the island in the river. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
I was just about to go home when I looked up and saw a bald eagle. I had always wanted to soar with bald eagles, not just gazing up at them. So I flew upwards to the height the eagle was at. To my surprise, the massive bird didn't flee, but it circled me and called out to me. I started to fly away and the eagle was right at my side! We flew side by side for hours.
As we were flying, I heard a beeping noise. I woke up to find that it was all just a dream. A wonderful dream. I sat up in bed and whispered to myself saying, "Noel is soooo beautiful around Christmas time." I sighed. Then I got up so I could get ready for school...


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Road To Nowhere

Vacation Vacation by Walala

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bump In The Night

I had worked so hard to clean out the junk room, and I finally got finished!!! I moved into it the next week. Now here is how the first night went...
I was loving it, the privacy I never had, how I could listen to music as loud as I wanted, and most of all: I could text people as long into the night as I wanted!!! When it started getting dark outside I had this weird feeling. I didn't know why so I ignored it. But when my mom and dad went to bed the feeling got stronger. I was wondering why, but again I ignored it. I was texting one of my close friends, Marlinda, and she decided to go to sleep. I was left by myself, so I started thinking about that weird feeling...

Then I really started getting scared. So I called my really good friend Katy. It was about eleven o'clock. She picked up and we talked for a long time. But when I told her the reason why I had called she said...

I told her that I didn't believe in things like that (because I didn't) and our conversation was over. I was left by myself yet again! So I decided to try to go to sleep.
When I had finally gotten to sleep, I had a very weird nightmare. And here it is...
I was lying on my bed thinking about how cool it was to be in a room that wasn't next to my parent's room. Then someone opened my door. The old squeaky had an unmistakable sound.

I knew that someone had opened the door, but I didn't see anyone come in, so I thought it my mom or dad checking up on me. I was wrong!!! Suddenly there were little things pulling on me. They were GOBLINS!!! And there transparent figures floating all around me. They were GHOSTS!!! Then there was something moving under my bed!
I was soooo scared, and they were trying to force me to go with them! The goblins were pulling me off my bed (they were very strong). And the ghosts were flying around me whispering. They were saying, "You Are Going To Die Tonight!!!"
I was shaking, and was so scared, I was crying out to my mom and dad. Then there was a hushed silence. I was straining to here anything. But then my door opened! I was still scared, but the figure that came in was making the Ghosts and Goblins go away. The goblins shrieked, and the ghosts moaned. It was as if the mysterious figure was hurting them.
After all the ghosts and goblins and all the
things that go bump in the night were gone, the figure said my name. It came to me and held me. Then I woke up, and my mom was holding me singing an old song that she used to sing to me when I was little. I fell asleep again, but in the comforting arms of my mother. This time when I slept, I had only soothing dreams, not nightmares.

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Glogster is a site that I have used to make posters. You can use this site for school work, you can make posters for any subject. You should check it out!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mikayla Pirate

My Folktale

The Great White Buffalo
Powerful, sacred, honored, are all words Native Americans use to describe The Great White Buffalo, which most Indian Nations refereed to as Spirit Buffalo.
When times were tough for Native Americans, a holy man once prayed for a sign. One of the signs given was a rare white buffalo. The buffalo appeared in the middle of the large buffalo herd that numbered over one thousand. They would watch the way the herd treated the white buffalo. The herd indeed treated it differently. The massive herd would keep it safe from any kind of danger, by keeping it in the middle at all times. This was a sign to These Native Americans that they needed to treat anything rare, and unusual with more care, respect, and never fear it.
The Spirit Buffalo would grow to be larger than all the others. This was yet another sign. This meant that they treated the buffalo as the Native Americans treated their Chief. The other buffalo would protect it, starve to feed it, and would do anything to keep it from harm.
The Native Americans would never kill a white buffalo because it was sacred. Some Native American tribes disagreed on many things. All Indian Nations agreed that the Spirit Buffalo was a sacred animal.

Moral- Never fear or look down upon something unusual, because as you observe, the unusual things may teach you valuable things.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About Vocaroo + Voicethread

Vocaroo is an amazing site that I went to so I could record my Vocaroo about me. I advise anyone who has the recording gear to use Vocaroo. It is so much fun, I sound so different on audio. I spent along time perfecting it. I hope that you like Vocaroo, and if you don't, don't follow my blog! Vocaroo can be used for any projects in, and out of school. Only if you want to record yourself.

Voicethread is another amazing site that I have used. I used it to show my Goegraphy Project. It is really useful for projects, explaining pictures, or just about anything!!! I have only used it once, but I look forward to using it in the future! You can Record, Type, and Draw at the same time. It is so useful, you can use it to do just about anything in, and out of school, just like Vocaroo, but totally different!!!

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My Befunkied Photo's

This is me when my Media class went to I spent hours on this picture. There were endless possibilities. This was my First Befunkied Photo!!!

This is one of my favorite Befunkied Photo's!!! For those of you that haven't tried, I highly recommend that you try it out. Who knows what your fave pic will turn out to be like!!!