Monday, October 12, 2009

Bump In The Night

I had worked so hard to clean out the junk room, and I finally got finished!!! I moved into it the next week. Now here is how the first night went...
I was loving it, the privacy I never had, how I could listen to music as loud as I wanted, and most of all: I could text people as long into the night as I wanted!!! When it started getting dark outside I had this weird feeling. I didn't know why so I ignored it. But when my mom and dad went to bed the feeling got stronger. I was wondering why, but again I ignored it. I was texting one of my close friends, Marlinda, and she decided to go to sleep. I was left by myself, so I started thinking about that weird feeling...

Then I really started getting scared. So I called my really good friend Katy. It was about eleven o'clock. She picked up and we talked for a long time. But when I told her the reason why I had called she said...

I told her that I didn't believe in things like that (because I didn't) and our conversation was over. I was left by myself yet again! So I decided to try to go to sleep.
When I had finally gotten to sleep, I had a very weird nightmare. And here it is...
I was lying on my bed thinking about how cool it was to be in a room that wasn't next to my parent's room. Then someone opened my door. The old squeaky had an unmistakable sound.

I knew that someone had opened the door, but I didn't see anyone come in, so I thought it my mom or dad checking up on me. I was wrong!!! Suddenly there were little things pulling on me. They were GOBLINS!!! And there transparent figures floating all around me. They were GHOSTS!!! Then there was something moving under my bed!
I was soooo scared, and they were trying to force me to go with them! The goblins were pulling me off my bed (they were very strong). And the ghosts were flying around me whispering. They were saying, "You Are Going To Die Tonight!!!"
I was shaking, and was so scared, I was crying out to my mom and dad. Then there was a hushed silence. I was straining to here anything. But then my door opened! I was still scared, but the figure that came in was making the Ghosts and Goblins go away. The goblins shrieked, and the ghosts moaned. It was as if the mysterious figure was hurting them.
After all the ghosts and goblins and all the
things that go bump in the night were gone, the figure said my name. It came to me and held me. Then I woke up, and my mom was holding me singing an old song that she used to sing to me when I was little. I fell asleep again, but in the comforting arms of my mother. This time when I slept, I had only soothing dreams, not nightmares.


  1. What an amazing story! This is exactly what I was thinking of with this assignment. Great job, Mikayla!

  2. I enjoyed your story! Thanks for sharing it - I hope you continue writing and posting!

  3. What a great, detail-filled story. I really enjoyed reading it. I also loved how you included vocaroo. I had never heard of vocaroo until this story. It makes your story even better. (Thanks for teaching me that). I hope I will get to read (& listen) to more of your stories in the future. Thank you for sharing and job well done!

    Julie Niles Petersen

  4. Wow, your story was great-- especially the Halloween timing! I am also new to vocaroo-- thanks for the introduction. Your story is a great combination of audio, video, and text! The moral to your story seems very clear, great moms and good friends are the best!