Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About Vocaroo + Voicethread

Vocaroo is an amazing site that I went to so I could record my Vocaroo about me. I advise anyone who has the recording gear to use Vocaroo. It is so much fun, I sound so different on audio. I spent along time perfecting it. I hope that you like Vocaroo, and if you don't, don't follow my blog! Vocaroo can be used for any projects in, and out of school. Only if you want to record yourself.

Voicethread is another amazing site that I have used. I used it to show my Goegraphy Project. It is really useful for projects, explaining pictures, or just about anything!!! I have only used it once, but I look forward to using it in the future! You can Record, Type, and Draw at the same time. It is so useful, you can use it to do just about anything in, and out of school, just like Vocaroo, but totally different!!!


  1. Hi Mikayla,

    I love the vocaroo tool too. I work at a special school and some of the parents of my students can't read so using a recorded voice message gives them an opportunity to engage with the blog.
    Have you ever thought about putting Google translate onto your blog page so that readers with a language other than English can read your posts?

    Sue :)

  2. Your voki is really cool. I like the back ground. I really couldn't hear what the voki was saying, but its really good!!