Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Folktale

The Great White Buffalo
Powerful, sacred, honored, are all words Native Americans use to describe The Great White Buffalo, which most Indian Nations refereed to as Spirit Buffalo.
When times were tough for Native Americans, a holy man once prayed for a sign. One of the signs given was a rare white buffalo. The buffalo appeared in the middle of the large buffalo herd that numbered over one thousand. They would watch the way the herd treated the white buffalo. The herd indeed treated it differently. The massive herd would keep it safe from any kind of danger, by keeping it in the middle at all times. This was a sign to These Native Americans that they needed to treat anything rare, and unusual with more care, respect, and never fear it.
The Spirit Buffalo would grow to be larger than all the others. This was yet another sign. This meant that they treated the buffalo as the Native Americans treated their Chief. The other buffalo would protect it, starve to feed it, and would do anything to keep it from harm.
The Native Americans would never kill a white buffalo because it was sacred. Some Native American tribes disagreed on many things. All Indian Nations agreed that the Spirit Buffalo was a sacred animal.

Moral- Never fear or look down upon something unusual, because as you observe, the unusual things may teach you valuable things.

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